The unprofessional side of NikDotCodes

So what am I looking at here?

So this here site is my platform for my crap; what's on my mind, opinions, and the like. This is in opposition to which is my professional face. From here you can find my blog where I'll be talking all about things that I find interesting, or that I have to deal with on the day by day...

... just as a quick off-the-top-of-the-head list.

As a strong avocate for open source and destroying the monolithic control of the internet, I've got my blog and microblog on the fediverse. There'll be more toots, I promise over here and over at here.

And who am I?

I'm Nik, a data jack of all trades; engineering, architecture, science, administration... I play around with them all.

Outside of that I'm a bit of a geek - we got videogames, boardgames, TTRPGs, the like. This here site is one of my projects to keep as much as I want to share to myself, none of them social media hubs, pure open source software and as much federated tools as I have the need for.